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MYST NOIR, promoting African-American mysteries

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

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Nevada Barr, author of HARD TRUTH

Anne Bishop, author of DREAMS MADE FLESH

Ben Bova, author of MERCURY

Terry Brooks, author of HIGH DRUID OF SHANNARA

Bebe Moore Campbell, author of 72 HOUR HOLD

Ramsey Campbell, author of THE OVERNIGHT

Christian author, poet and lyricist Floriana Hall's inspirational books: DADDY WAS A BAD BOY (a mesmerizing nonfiction story of a family's courage overcoming adversity during the Great Depression and World War II), SMALL CHANGE (the childrens version), HEARTS ON THE MEND (her work-in-progress collection of short stories based on her recent heart surgery), OUT OF THE ORDINARY (short stories of God incidences and angel happenings), THE SANDS OF RHYME (award-winning poetry), THROUGH OUR EYES and THE POETS NOOK POTPOURRI.

Patricia Harrington, Author, the Bridget O'Hern Mystery Series; Coming 2005 . . . DEATH COMES TOO SOON; Coming "A Man's Gotta Do" at Hardluck Stories Zine

THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER: HOW TO DO WHAT YOUR PUBLISHER WON'T by Carolyn Howard-Johnson is making publishers everywhere smile. When their authors read it, sales soar! Read more about it here. Order it on

The Writings of Christa Joyce (and her decadent confessions bio blog!)

Mridu Khullar

Asra Nomani, formerly of Wall Street Journal, author of the new book, STANDING ALONE IN MECCA.

Josie A. Okuly, Author, Pacific Breeze Hotel: "With dialogue that sparkles and lines reminiscent of Bogey and Bacall, the spirit of Vintage Romance and the voice of the 1950s shines through. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Okulys story." -- Margaret Mason, Romance Divas


Funds for the Essayist

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Grants for the Serious Writer: 3rd Edition

Markets for the Young Writer

The No Fee Contest Book: 3rd Edition

Publishers for Poets

The Shy Writer

TOTAL FundsForWriters Newsletter


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Summer 2006 Writing Workshops on Cape Cod (MA)

6/6-1/06 Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction Conference (IN)

6/08/06 Marymount Manhattan College Writers' Conference 2006 (NY)

6/10/06 Of Dark and Stormy Nights - A Workshop for Mystery Writers (IL)

6/12-7/21-06 Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop (NH)

6/13-14/06 17th Annual Writers' Institute (WI)

6/17-23/06 Nebraska Summer Writers' Conference (NE)

6/18-8/05/06 Split Rock Arts Program - Summer Workshops (MN)

6/19-23/06 Write-by-the-Lake Writers' Workshop & Retreat (WI)

6/22-25/06 Writers' Weekend Conference (WA)

6/25-7-1/06 Environmental Writing Retreat (ME)

6/26-8/18/06 Harvard Summer Writing Program (MA)

July 2006 Gotham Writers' Workshop (NY)

7/3-28/06 New York State Summer Writers' Institute (NY)

7/8-14/06 Antioch Writers' Workshop 2006 (OH)

7/13-16/06 51st Annual Summer Conference (WA)

7/16-23/06 Port Townsend Writers' Conference (WA)

7/22-30/06 San Juan Workshops (CO)

7/23-30/06 Santa Barbara Writers' Conference (CA)

7/26-30/06 Writing the Region (FL)
888-917-7001 or 352-378-9166

9/28-10/01/06 "Express Yourself" Writers' Conference (PN)

October 2006 Gotham Writers' Workshop (NY)

10/06-08/06 Eugene Walter Writers' Festival (AL)

02/15-18-07 Writing for the Soul Conference (CO)


FundsForWriters and FFW Small Markets

The Poetry Market Ezine

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